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EDI Engine
EDI Engine Professional

Version:  06/25/2024 01:08:38 PM

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(Release Notes)

EDI Engine SQL
EDI Engine Corporate

Version:  07/10/2024 11:19:40 AM

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(Release Notes)
Installation Instructions
Please follow these instructions to install the latest build of EDI Engine.

1) Before you begin the update, backup the EDI Engine Directory. Contact your network administrator for assistance with backup procedures.

2) Make sure that all users are completely out of EDI Engine.

3) Download the latest build by clicking on the link under the appropriate edition of your software,
“EDI Engine Std./Professional” or “EDI Engine Corporate”, that reads “Click here to download”.
(If you are unsure of which edition you have, open EDI Engine and look for the EDI Engine logo at the bottom right of the screen. If your EDI Engine logo is followed by the letters “SQL”, then you are operating the Corporate Edition.)
You will be prompted to run or save the file. We recommend saving to the Desktop, where you can easily find the downloaded updater file.

4) Once the file has downloaded, open it by double-clicking on the file icon.

5) Extract the file into the EDI Engine Directory by specifying the correct location of EDI Engine when prompted,
e.g., C:\ediengine. If you do not know the path, you can right click on the EDI Engine icon and select “Properties”.
You will be able to see and copy the file path for the location of EDI Engine (if checking a Shortcut icon, copy the “Start in” field). You will be prompted for the password.

6) When the extraction is complete, open EDI Engine. The program will prompt you to update the database.
It is imperative that you proceed with this! If for any reason the Data Update does not start, open the EDI Engine
“File” menu, select “Maintenance” -> “Database”, check the box for “Data Update”, and click “Process”(please note that the Data Update cannot be interrupted once it has started).

7) Confirm your current version by opening the “Help” menu and selecting “About EDI Engine”. This should reflect the same version listed above the link that you used for the download.

8) All other users can reopen EDI Engine and you can delete the updater file that was downloaded to the desktop.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Help Desk through the website, e-mail, or phone number listed above.

Thank you for your business.

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